20 Jun, 2018

Virtual Crypto® Technologies Unveils New Point of Sale Terminals and Updated NetoBit Application

Pilot Program Installed and Running at Lincoln Billiards

Virtual Crypto Technologies Ltd. ("Virtual Crypto", or the "Company") (OTCQB: VRCP) a technology company dedicated to making cryptocurrencies accessible to the public through ATMs, tablets, PCs and or mobile devices, today announced the upgraded version of its crypto point-of-sale (POS) terminals and updated NetoBit application named NetoBit Pay.

The state-of-the-art double-screen terminal comprises an intuitive display, smart card reader, magnetic stripe reader, camera, barcode scanner and a 58 mm thermal printer, replacing the tablet-style hardware previously supplied to operators.

The new platform mimics the ATM and credit card processes familiar to consumers; users no longer need to enter an email address or other information, they simply scan an app-generated QR code in order to execute a transaction.

The updated application also provides operators with the ability to enable or disable certain functions directly, giving them on-site control of the features offered to their customers, i.e., whether they can withdraw and deposit cash, or simply make payments.

Alon Dayan, CEO of Virtual Crypto Technologies Ltd. commented on the announcement, "As we work to establish VirtualCrypto as a leader in the sector, anything we can do to eliminate the barriers associated with the use of cryptocurrencies as a viable payment alternative is to our benefit. These new terminals improve the user experience for our operator clients and their customers. The double-screen interface makes communication between the parties seamless, and the built-in capabilities reduce our footprint at the point-of-sale. This is particularly important as counter space is often limited, particularly for retail operations."

"We completed the installation of the pilot program at the Lincoln Billiards Club earlier this month and the initial response has been extremely positive," Dayan continued. "The new terminals provide a traditional point-of-sale process, making payment with cryptocurrencies easy to use."

About Virtual Crypto Technologies Inc.

Virtual Crypto Technologies Inc. (www.virtual-crypto.com), through its wholly owned Israeli subsidiary Virtual Crypto Technologies Ltd., has developed the NetoBit, a proprietary, Cryptographic algorithmic technology that it is able to confirm in real-time the purchase or sale of any cryptocurrency.

Virtual - Crypto's NetoBit products dramatically improve the cryptocurrency trading experience with faster execution and lower costs.  Setting a new time to transaction standard, trading in seconds rather the industry norm of 20 minutes Because of its speed, customers enjoy the best crypto exchange rate at the point of transaction.

The company is marketing it's NetoBit software and hardware products for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies through ATMs, tablets, PCs and mobile devices (the "VC Products").  Virtual Crypto Technologies further believes that the ability to immediately confirm Cryptocurrency transactions in real-time should be a major competitive breakthrough in making the purchase and sale of crypto currencies user friendly. For more information please visit http://www.virtual-crypto.com/   

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For more information go to http://virtual-crypto.com/


Alon Dayan, CEO Virtual Crypto Technologies Ltd
Tel: +972 54-487-7959
[email protected]

URL : http://www.virtual-crypto.com/

Contact Information:

Alon Dayan, CEO Virtual Crypto Technologies Ltd
Tel: +972 54-487-7959
[email protected]

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